CS+ Lubricant is a 4-way lube that stops annoying squeaks, guards against rust and corrosion, releases rusted or frozen metal parts with instant penetration, and removes moisture.

It will displace water and moisture-proof all types of electrical equipment, relay switches, wet engines, distributors, spark plugs, electric motors, welding equipment, machinery, tools, and instruments. It will protect and preserve valuable equipment, and prevent mechanical and electrical failures due to moisture, lubricate precision equipment, and protect metal stored indoors and outdoors. Penetrates rusted locks, valves, zippers, tools, pipe fittings, bolts. Lubricates windows, car doors, wheels, hinges, rollers, chairs, dies, tools.
Cleans grease
Displaces moisture and dries out electrical systems
Penetrates loosening rusted, frozen parts
Protects, shielding against moisture
Includes extension tube

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